Important Deadlines

– Deadline for PhD students Abstract Submission: May 25, 2021

– Deadline for Registration: May 31, 2021


PhD Students

The Course will be held ONLINE. PhD students and young researchers are invited to present the results of their research project with a poster.

If interested, they are asked to send an abstract to Prof. Tracey Pirali ( and to Prof. Simone Lucarini ( no later than May 25, 2021.

Some selected abstracts will be discussed on Thursday, July 1st.

PhD students who wish to apply for the selection of short oral presentation are asked to fill in the following form (Link). Poster discussion and selected oral communications will be given in English.

Instructions for the preparation of abstract full-length papers to be included in the ESMEC 2019 Proceedings:


Abstract must be structured in sections, as follows:

  • Background(< 80 words): Provide one-two statements outlining the research field and its importance, briefly putting the piece of work into the context.
  • Aims(< 70 words): Which issues did you set to address?
  • Methods(< 100 words): Describe the main methodological aspects.
  • Results: Provide a report/discussion of the most important findings (< 500 words); insert herein good-resolution image scheme/s, chart/s, table/s and/or figure/s directly in the text, where appropriate.
  • Conclusion(< 80): Highlight the take-home-message of the research work.
  • References: As a rule, they should not exceed 4 reff.

In order to harmonize the editing template, please carefully read the following standards.

  • FILE: Microsoft Word
  • PAPER SIZE: A4 (European standard)
  • NUMBER OF PAGES: Maximum 2 pages
  • MARGINS: Top, 3,00 cm; bottom, 2,00 cm; left, 4,00 cm; right, 2,00 cm
  • LINE SPACING: Single
  • ARTICLE FONT: Justify, Times New Roman, Regular or Bold where needed, Single line spacing; Section’s title left aligned and bold


Title and Affiliation:

  • TITLE: Times New Roman, bold, 12, UPPER CASE;
  • Author’s name (only the presenting PhD student): Times New Roman, 11
  • Affiliation (Doctorate School and Department): Times New Roman, 11
  • Sections’ heads: Times New Roman, 10, bold
  • Text: Times New Roman, 10
  • References: Times New Roman, 10



If Article (example): 

Darvesh, S.; McDonald, R. S.; Penwell, A.; Conrad, S.; Darvesh, K. V.; Mataija, D.; Gomez, G.; Caines, A.; Walsh, R.; Martin, E. Structure-activity relationships for inhibition of human cholinesterases by alkyl amide phenothiazine derivatives. Bioorg. Med. Chem. 2005, 13, 211–222.

If Book (example):

Giacobini, E. Butyrylcholinesterase: Its Function and Inhibitors; Martin Dunitz: London and New York, 2003.


Guide to the preparation of the poster presentation:

Guidlines for poster preparation and uploading to the selected platform for the poster session will be communicated soon.