Guide to the preparation of the poster presentation:

The poster, written in English, should summarize the research carried out during the doctorate, referring to what has already been outlined in the abstract.

    • POSTER in PDF format
    • Title, name of the authors with their affiliations, e-mail address
  • Presenters are asked to send all of the above-mentioned materials by Tuesday, June 22.
  • All posters will be published by the Organizing Secretariat in the Virtual Poster Area
  • As a Poster presenter, your account in the Virtual Poster Area will be activated by the Organizing Secretariat. You will receive detailed information later.
  • Starting from Sunday, June 27, all ESMEC attendees will be able to view the posters in the Virtual Posters Area and send to you private questions. These questions will be visible in your Private Messages section on the Virtual Posters Area, and you will be able to reply.
  • The Main Poster discussion will be held during the session on Tuesday June 29 from 15.00 to 17.00, so be sure to be online in the Virtual Poster Area in this time window, to reply to all the private questions received. Anyway, you will be able to check your private inbox in the Virtual Poster Area and reply any time during the Congress.


Suggestions for the preparation of the oral presentations:

  • Some selected abstracts from the students that applied for the selection for oral presentations will be discussed on Thursday, July 1 from 10.15 to 12.15.
  • Organize the presentation in four sections:
    • Introduction: Precisely define the importance of the topic you dealt with, describing it in a general perspective taking into account the scientific background of the audience.
    • Results
    • Discussion
    • Conclusion
  • The assigned time has to be respected (about 10 + 2 minutes). Within this time, you can generally present 10-12 slides.
  • IUPAC names should not be used, but you should associate numbers, simple names or acronym to the complex chemical formulas.
  • If you use sentences, please pay attention that the audience can easily read them.
  • Simplify tables and charts so that they can be readily understood.
  • Platform: we will use Zoom Platform to discuss the oral presentations; you will receive further information later