Plenary Speakers

Luisa De Cola

University of Milan, Italy

Self-assembly of luminescent molecules in solution and in living systems

Iztok Turel

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Metal complexes with some approved drugs and selected biologically active ligands

José Manuel Domínguez-Vera

University of Granada, Spain

Polyoxometalates as Sensors for Biomedical Applications

Lei Ye

University of Lund, Sweden

Metal complexes for polymer engineering, catalysis and sensing




Keynote Speakers

Paula Gameiro

University of Porto, Portugal

Exploring Metal Complexes to Defeat Bacteria Antibiotic Resistance

Slawomir Potocki

University of Wrocław, Poland

Coordination properties of metal-binding sites of bacterial and fungal virulence proteins

Larisa Lvova

University of Tor Vergata, Italy

Porphyrinoids metal complexes-based sensors for environmental and biological applications

Michel Meyer

University of Bourgogne, France

Chelation of f-elements by hydroxamic siderochelates: from the bench to the field.

Demetrio Milea

University of Messina, Italy

Medium and ionic strength dependence of formation constants. The “pure water” model.

Mario Inclán

University of Valencia, Spain

The potential of polyamines in the fight against antimicrobial resistance