19-24th July, 2020, Glasgow (UK)

Special Session

Recent results on generalized differentiability of interval and fuzzy-valued functions and its applications




Manuel Arana-Jiménez
University of Cadiz, Spain
Department of Statistics and Operational Research
Email: manuel.arana@uca.es

Maria Letizia Guerra
University of Bologna, Italy
Department of Statistical Sciences “Paolo Fortunati
Email: mletizia.guerra@unibo.it

Laerte Sorini
Luciano Stefanini

University of Urbino, Italy
Department of Economics, Society, Politics
Email: laerte.sorini@uniurb.it; luciano.stefanini@uniurb.it


Scope and Topics:


Interval and fuzzy-valued functions have been a field of intensive research during several decades and received an increasing interest after the introduction of concepts of generalized differentiability, coming from different approaches and perspectives and used to formulate or revisit several topics in fuzzy mathematics and its applications.

The aim of this special session is to bring together researchers, to offer an occasion to present and discuss new recent results and to encourage cross fertilization in this newly emerging research area.


A partial list of topics is the following:


·         Properties of interval-valued, set-valued and fuzzy-valued functions;

·         Fuzzy-valued functions of a single and multiple variables;

·         Generalized derivative and differentiability of fuzzy-valued functions;

·         Comparison of different definitions and forms of generalized differentiability;

·         Calculus and algebra for interval and fuzzy generalized derivative;

·         Characterization of generalized differentiable functions;

·         Generalized fuzzy differentiability on time scales and applications;

·         Fractional differentiability of interval and fuzzy functions and applications;

·         Partial derivatives of interval and fuzzy valued functions of multiple variables;

·         Fuzzy differential equations: theory, numerical solution, applications;

·         Optimization with nonlinear fuzzy-valued objective functions;

·         Global optimization with fuzzy-valued objective;

·         Vector-valued optimization with interval and fuzzy objectives;

·         Linear interval and fuzzy optimization: theory, algorithms, applications;


Important Dates:


·         Paper Submission Deadline: 15 January 2020;

·         Paper Acceptance Notification Date: 15 March 2020;

·         Final Paper Submission Deadline: 15 April 2020;

·         Early Registration Deadline: 15 April 2020;

·         IEEE WCCI 2020 Conference: 19-24 July 2020.




·         All papers must be submitted through the Online Submission System of the conference.

·         Please submit your paper selecting the option "Main research topic": Recent results on generalized differentiability of interval and fuzzy-valued functions and its applications
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·         In order for your papers to be included in the congress program and the proceedings, final accepted papers must be submitted and the corresponding registration fees must be paid by April 15, 2020.


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